MEVLANA Exchange Programme
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21 May 2019, Tuesday 

Application Procedures

All academic staff who work in a national or foreign higher education institution, on condition that the higher education institutions signed a bilateral Mevlana Exchange Protocol, may benefit from Mevlana Exchange Program. In the scope of mobility, academic activities of academic staff cannot be less than total six hours weekly. In hourly calculation of the activities performed by academic staff, courses are considered. If course hours do not complete six hours, academic activities like seminars, panels or conferences are evaluated in this context. Academic staff mobility plans which do not contain lectures shall not be considered within Mevlana Exchange Program and accepted for the Exchange. Daily wages to be paid to the academic staff that will visit our university are below;


For professors                  : 38.50 TL

For associate professors  : 35.50 TL

For assistant professors   : 33.50 TL

For other staff                  : 29.50 TL

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